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Tattoo CBD Butter

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Product Description:

An organic tattoo butter for use before, during and after tattooing with CBD for extra power to reduce swelling of the area, itching and uncomfortable feelings

100% Organic and Natural Ingredients

Size: 60ml

New tattoos?

  • Instantly calm and soothe

  • Moisturise, repair & restore

  • Re-hydrate and condition the skin

  • Provide ultimate comfort and softness

  • Neutral formula for sensitive skin

  • No itching, dryness, redness, swelling

  • Active ingredients to feed and regenerate the skin

Tattoo artist?

  • Our tattoo butter has the perfect consistency in any climate

  • The tattoo butter prepares the skin for tattooing by making it soft and supple

  • Just the right amount of glide while tattooing

  • Encourages moisturization and faster repair of the area after tattooing

  • Immediately calms the tattooed area

Awesome choice of scent to keep your mind alert and creative.

It does not clog tubes or lead to any type of ingredient build-up

How to use:

Before tattoo: Apply to the area to prepare and condition the skin. Can be used when applying the stencil

During tattoo: To help lubricate the area and provide just the perfect amount of glide.

After Tattooing: Use immediately after tattooing and for the entire time the skin needs to repair and regenerate. All natural and organic ingredients. Suitable for all skin types. Use as often as needed.


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