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Organic Hemp Flour

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Product Description:

KANNABIO hemp flour is 100% natural, organic product of Greek production from Kokkina Magnesia. It is derived from hemp seeds (Cannabis sativa L., THC <0.2%), Fedora 17 varieties, crop 2020. Product of cold pressing and milling hemp seeds at the Green Farm (Krya Vrysi).

Size: 250gr

Properties: Gluten-free and rich in protein (containing more than 40%) ) and insoluble fiber essential for proper digestive function. Hemp seed flour also contains omega6 and omega3 fatty acids in an ideal ratio of 3:1! It is also one of the few foods that contain omega 6 with GLA, a fatty acid that is considered to be particularly beneficial to the body. Hemp seed flour also contains all the essential amino acids in good proportions.

Use: KANNABIO Organic Hemp Flour is an excellent addition to breakfast, cooking or dough, adding the benefit of hemp proteins and the excellent fiber content of its seeds. Hemp flour does not rise and therefore can not be used alone to make bread. A recommended proportion is about 1/4 hemp flour for any recipe. Ideal for cereal bars, pizzas, crêpes, nuts, cakes, juices, shakes, etc. It is dark in color and is more rough in texture than wheat flour.

Cannabis seed flour is nutritious, delicious and excellent source of energy while being easily digestable. It is ideal for those who have allergies to nuts, dairy products, gluten or wheat.