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CBD Super Hydrating Moisturizing Serum 

by Canzon
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Created to ultra-moisturize the epidermis, it is a portentous shock treatment for dry, normal and delicate skin. Canzon’s CBD Moisturising Serum is designed to ultra-hydrate the skin, helping to reach a plumping and uplifting effect when applied regularly.

The key elements in the CBD Super-Hydrating Moisturizing Serum are CBD, sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan and hyaluronic acid.

Sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan is able to support the skin’s immune system and speed up the natural rate of cell renewal by 120%. Hyaluronic acid, thanks to its low molecular weight, is able to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, attracting water and generating a plumping effect.

Size: 30 ml