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CBD Shaving Gel & Wash

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Product Description:

Lubricating & cooling shaving gel and face wash. Eco-friendly and organic. pH balanced.

This natural revitalising shaving gel has aloe vera to lubricate skin for a close and comfortable shave, while lavender & peppermint water sooth and refresh the sensitive skin. For the best results use in combination with our men’s aftershave CBD moisturiser.

• Suitable for sensitive skin.

• Close and comfortable shave.

• Daily cleansing.

• Organic formula.

• Vegan.

Size: 50ml

Our eco-friendly cleansers are made from 100% plant-based (coconut and corn) surfactants which are mild enough for baby’s skin. And ultra-friendly to the environment.

Cosmos Organic Certified men’s shaving gel and wash. For an ultra-cool shaving experience with aloe vera, peppermint and lavender to lubricate, soothe and cool your skin for the most refreshing feeling you will ever experience during and after a shave. Suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use:

Use lukewarm water to moisten your face. Lather 2-3 squirts (or more if needed) of mens shaving gel between your fingers and apply to the face and neck. After shaving, rinse off with lukewarm water, followed by a splash of cold water to close the pores and improve circulation.


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