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CBD Patches

by CBD One
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We don’t like gimmicky CBD products, and have always been super-wary of the range of low-quality CBD ‘novelty’ offerings on the market. Which is why we didn’t branch out from our core range of oils and water-soluble solutions for a while. But we think we’ve cracked it with our CBD patches! They aren’t a gimmick, and instead are a revolutionary (and powerfully bioavailable) way to enjoy our high-quality, lab-verified CBD.


Whilst our products all have nearly undetectable levels of THC, we know athletes need a more stringent, THC-free offering. That’s why our Release Patches are great if your profession requires guaranteed zero trace.


Over the course of 12 to 36 hours after applying a patch, 15mg of active CBD will be slowly released. They’re a great way to still enjoy the benefits of CBD if you don’t like the flavour that comes with oral products.

Because of the nature of the slow-release technology of our patches, they aren’t full-spectrum like our oral products. But don’t be deterred — they’re incredibly effective. 

If you’re also looking for the “Entourage Effect” (the powerful combination of cannabinoids and compounds working together), use one of our oils or water-soluble solutions alongside a patch.


Whilst some people turn to capsules when they discover the taste isn’t for them, we wouldn’t recommend this: when CBD is swallowed in a capsule, it’s largely ineffective, with over 95% being destroyed by the body. If you do want to consume CBD instead of using a patch, but don’t like the taste, our Absorb range is a great choice, as it can be added to any drink, and won’t overpower the flavour.

All Release Patches have these great benefits

  • Super easy to use

  • THC-free: perfect for professional athletes

  • High bioavailability 

  • All-natural ingredients

  • Lab verified 

  • 30 patches per pack 

  • 15mg active CBD per patch / 450mg CBD per pack 

  • Revolutionary slow-release technology that works for up to 36 hours


15mg CBD per patch.


Skin should be dry and free of hair for best results. 

Peel a patch from the protective backing and apply to the desired area — we like to put ours at the top of our arm. Press and hold for at least 5 seconds, then remove after 12-36 hours.


  • Individual results may vary 

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight

  • Keep away from children