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3% Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

by Reakiro
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Product Description:

CBD Gummies 300mg  will bring you all the benefits of the plant-based compound in a fun and tasty way. Each tub contains 30 CBD Gummies, 15 CBD gummies are lemon flavoured and 15 CBD gummies are green apple flavoured with each individual gummy containing 10mg of CBD.

CBD gummies are made with premium quality Broad-Spectrum CBD extract to help you gain all the mental and physical wellness benefits of the hemp-based compound. Each tab has 15 lemon and 15 green apple flavoured gummies, tastes chosen for being both sweet and refreshing - while reflecting our special Reakiro colours! 

Recommended daily dose: As a food supplement, take 1 (one) or 2 (two) gummies daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Product information: Serving size 1 gummy, Amount CBD per serving 10 mg, Servings per container 30.

We would recommend taking 1-2 gummies daily. These CBD gummies contain 10mg of CBD per gummy. If you are trying CBD for the first time we would recommend taking one and monitoring how it makes you feel, you can increase your dosage gradually by either increasing your serving size (having another gummy) or by choosing a different product from our gummy range with a higher dose per gummy - CBD Gummies 750mg

When you chose to get your daily CBD intake with a CBD gummy, it’s a greatly enjoyable experience that you get to take your time in experiencing. It’s more than just swallowing a capsule or dropping the droplets under your tongue (which is perfect for some people). But for those who enjoy being a part of the slow release of CBD and natural fruity flavours, CBD gummies are the perfect fit.

Because of their convenient to carry size, CBD gummies are a great addition to your bag or car so when you’re on the go and want to get your daily dose of CBD, it’s right there for you to enjoy. Many people take CBD gummies as a daily supplement to boost general health and mental wellness.

When looking for reviews of CBD gummies, which are often the most candid and authentic take on a product experience, you will find that customers often say the four following points:

  • CBD gummies are easy to take

  • CBD gummies are convenient (you don’t need water to wash them down)

  • CBD gummies taste better

  • CBD gummies are easy to control your dosage of CBD

With all the natural goodness of our other premium-quality CBD products, Reakiro is thrilled to bring you these natural and flavourful CBD infused gummies.

So what are you waiting for, join the CBD revolution today with Reakiro’s new, natural, and unbelievably tasty CBD 10mg gummies.

Storage: Do not refrigerate. Store away from excessive heat, light and humidity.

Caution: Do not exceed recommended daily dose. This product is not intended for pregnant or lactating mothers. Individuals taking medicines or having any medical concerns should consult with a health practitioner prior to use. If any adverse reactions occur or if you feel unwell, discontinue use and seek medical advice.