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Gorilla Glue CBD Buds

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€45,00 - €75,00
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SKU E02212C/100g-1
Size: 3.5g

Product Description:

Cannactiva brings you one of the best varieties of CBD marijuana buds from the Gorilla Glue variety from Indoor.

Cannactiva Funky Monkey CBD Flower is a new strain with an incredible aroma and impressive amount of resin.

Its genetics come from the same family as Cannactiva's popular Blue Cheese or Gelato. It is characterised by having a very deep aromatic profile, with touches of "glue" or "diesel".

This phenotype has been developed to improve CBD flower density to make them more compact and larger.

Like its analogues, this CBD flower has a "Sativa" like nature. Which makes it a more difficult variety to grow due to its longer growth and flowering cycle. Its morphology is not so compact and round, but its buds are slightly elongated and open, which allows resin trichomes to be appreciated much longer and more voluminous than compact CBD flowers. Its large amount of resin covers the CBD flower completely, making a very beautiful "snowy" effect.

The CBD flower is greenish in color. They are known for their peculiar deep and unmistakable aroma, their high concentration of CBD resin in their crystals that cover the entire flower.

Undoubtedly one of the best varieties in our catalog and in the European market. Satisfaction guarantee. You have never seen a CBD flower with a higher aromatic profile and CBD percentage than this.