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6% Full Spectrum CBG & CBD Oil

by CBD One
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Product Description:

While it’s definitely the most popular Cannabinoid, CBD certainly isn’t the only one that the abundant Hemp plant offers. Cannabigerol, or CBG, is found in the Hemp plant early in its life cycle, later turning into THC and CBD as the plant matures. For this reason, it’s known as the ‘mother of all Cannabinoids’. 

After extensive research and development, our first product in our CBG range - Select Blend No.1 - is a potent combination of CBG and CBD. The early feedback we’ve received about this blend has blown us away; the subtle differences in effect between the Cannabinoids, which we talk about in detail here, mean you can experience the full “Entourage Effect”.


Select Blend No.1 delivers 300mg of active CBG and 300mg of active CBD in one balanced offering. The “Entourage Effect”, which we often mention, is what unlocks the effectiveness of any Cannabis-based product. An easy way to explain it is to think of a football team: CBD is one player and CBG is another, but without the other Cannabinoids, or their ‘teammates’ they simply can’t achieve as much on their own. This is why in all our oral offerings, we only ever use full-spectrum extracts, meaning you get a delicate blend of many other Cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds. Exactly as nature intended! 


There’s limited but ongoing research into CBG’s unique properties. Early research shows that it’s potentially effective in blocking an enzyme which breaks down anandamide in our body. Anandamide is linked to our moods and feelings of happiness, so maintaining good levels is crucial for our overall wellbeing. Other studies are observing CBG’s positive effect on our dreams, while another study discovered that it decreased inflammatory bowel disease in mice. Overall, it’s a promising Cannabinoid!

Every bottle has these great benefits 

  • Potent, full-spectrum with 300mg CBG and 300mg CBD

  • All-natural formula, as nature intended

  • Lab verified

  • Approx 480 drops per 20ml bottle

  • Rich terpene profile

  • Natural taste with no added flavourings


Hemp Oil, Hempseed Oil. Contains 300mg CBG and 300mg CBD. 


  • Don’t exceed the recommended dose

  • Keep out of children’s reach

  • Store at room temperature and away from sunlight

  • Not intended as a medicine or as a substitute for a healthy, varied diet

  • Will stain fabrics and surfaces

  • Don’t use when pregnant or breastfeeding


Before using Select Blend No.1, give the bottle a shake. Put two or three drops under your tongue for two minutes, then swallow. Repeat as you need, up to a max of 15 drops per day.