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1.6% Premium CBD Oil

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Product Description:

The ABSOLUTE Premium CBD oil is a world-class top quality virgin CBD oil that is produced from hemp plants grown on the Nature Science organic permaculture farm in the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy. This oil only contains top grade CBD-rich flowers with extra virgin oil extraction quality.

We do not use any chemicals or solvents in our processes, just cold press technology. 

There are only a few companies doing this natural process of extraction in the world, and none of the farms come close to Nature Science's quality or standards.

Organic cold-pressed hemp rosin & organic hemp seeds oil.

We have created a unique approach to CBD oil production, which combines ancient Ayurvedic principles with cutting edge research and technology. Our team of scientists have formulated an Ultra-Premium CBD oil that preserves the full Phytocomplex of the plant, retaining the integrity of the terpenes, waxes, and flavonoids.

This allows the organs to absorb the CBD in a much more efficient way, utilising the entourage effect, as nature intended. All is done without any chemicals or solvents.

  • GMP certified lab.
  • Certified Organic farm.
  • Certified GACP medical lab.

The process line is HACCP & ISO9001 certified.
Therapeutic & Medicinal grade formula developed at Nature Science R&D lab, approved by a scientific board of doctors, pharmacists, agronomists & researchers.

Full Spectrum | Solventless | Raw | Organic | Cold Pressed