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Sativa vs Indica: How to Pick the Right Strain for You

Sativa vs Indica: How to Pick the Right Strain for You

If you've been looking for CBD-rich hemp flowers and vape products, you've most likely come across terms like sativa-dominant or indica-leaning. However, if you're new to the cannabis and hemp industries, you might be wondering what those terms mean.

We've written this article to help you choose the best CBD flower strains for your needs by removing some of the mystery surrounding hemp genetics.

What Is the Distinction Between Sativa and Indica Cannabis Plants?

Cannabis and hemp strains are classified by scientists based on their origin and the appearance of the plant. The first cannabis plants were landrace strains that evolved in their natural habitats with little human intervention. Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis are the three types of landrace strains.

Sativa Landrace Strains

Sativas originated in warmer climates such as Southeast Asia and Latin America. Sativa landrace strains include the following:

  • South African Durban Poison
  • Mexico's Acapulco Gold
  • Southeast Asian Thai stick
  • Panama Central American red

The name "sativa" means "cultivated," and our forefathers primarily grew the plants for food and industrial purposes. Sativa plants have exceptionally fibrous stalks, making them ideal for industrial applications such as rope, fabric, and paper production. Previously, all industrial hemp was derived from Cannabis sativa (L.) plants.

Sativa plants are tall and have thin, narrow leaves with long spaces between the leaf nodes. CBD buds from sativa strains are typically longer and fluffier than those from indica strains.

Indica Landrace Strains

Indica landrace strains originated in Asia and the Middle East. These strains were named by European botanists after India, where they discovered the first plants. For thousands of years, locals grew indica plants for food, fiber, medicine, and religious purposes. The Hindu-Kush region, which straddles Pakistan and Afghanistan, is well-known for its hash made from indigenous indica plants.

Short, bushy plants with thick, broad leaves are produced by Indica genetics. CBD flowers from indica hemp are rounder and more compact than hemp buds from sativa hemp. Because of the denser buds, a package of indica CBD flowers may appear smaller than the same weight in a sativa variety.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Ruderalis plants thrive in harsh environments, often in inhospitable urban areas. Plants of the genus Ruderalis grow in abundance in Eastern European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Hungary. While ruderalis flowers are not available for purchase online, breeders use the plants for their auto-flowering abilities. Plants that autoflower will begin blooming after a set period of time, regardless of changes in the climate or seasons.

What Are the Differences Between Sativa and Indica CBD Flower?

While no two hybrids are alike, there are a few generalizations to keep in mind when deciding between sativa and indica strains.

Effects of Sativa

Sativas are well-known for their cerebral effects, which many people refer to as a "head high." Sativas, which are commonly thought of as daytime strains, lift the mood and energize the body. Sativa-leaning strains are ideal for socializing, productive work, and creative inspiration. Sativa strains are typically recommended by MMJ doctors for conditions such as depression, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating.

Effects of Indica

Indica flowers produce a body buzz rather than the mental energy that sativas do. Indicas can be so relaxing that users frequently melt into the sofa, a phenomenon known as "couch-lock." Because of their ability to induce such profound physical relaxation, indica varieties are ideal for use in the evening to promote restful sleep.

Indica hemp flower strains are also well-known for stimulating appetite. It's always a good idea to keep healthy snacks on hand in case the munchies strike. Indica flowers are frequently consumed by members of the medical marijuana community for pain relief, digestive issues, and sleep disturbances.

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