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CBD: Facts & Stats #2

CBD: Facts & Stats #2

Once a month, we switch from our regular blog post, to posting intriguing statistics and facts on CBD. The goal is to boost our readers knowledge through different methods of learning. Make sure you also check out our blog posts and follow our Instagram page for ''Fact Check Wednesdays’', and to keep up with our newest products!



  • 39% of hemp-derived CBD users are 18–34 year-olds 
  • The 18-29 year olds were more open to CBD than any other: 40% 
  • 55% of CBD users are female, while 44% of users are male.
  • 44% of hemp-derived CBD users are middle class ($30k-$100k/year)

CBD product:

  • CBD oil is made by mixing CBD extract with carrier oils.
  • When comparing alcohol and tobacco usage to CBD usage, statistics show that CBD is less addictive.
  • Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects
  • Over a third of people who use CBD, use it specifically for anxiety and depression
  • China is the world’s largest cannabis exporter

CBD Health/Market:

  • Application-wise, the fibromyalgia market segment is forecasted to become the highest CBD market shareholder by 2026
  • The global CBD beverage market could be worth over $1.4 billion by 2023


Our main sources for these statistics were:
  • A survey of 2,400 medical cannabis users conducted by marketing & analytics research firm the Brightfield Group.
  • A nationally representative study of over 4,000 Americans conducted over 24 months by Consumer Reports.
  • A survey of over 2,000 Americans conducted by Quart & Harris Poll
  • A study by New York investment bank Cowen & Co.
  • Healthline, Healthline Europa
  • CannaHealth, ECHO Connection
  • Harvard Health Publishing


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